About Us

We are committed to bringing the right people and the right companies together.
For Job Seekers
We work with companies who offer telecommuting and remote jobs. We have placed thousands of candidates over the last half-decade.
For Employers
We can help employers who are hiring and searching for telecommuting, freelance, remote or work from home candidates, giving you access to qualified job-seekers who are searching for precisely those types of job opportunities.

We Know What itTakes to find the perfect job!

Virtual Placements knows that there's a ton of junk out there for job-seekers. Whether it's the too-good-to-be-true business opportunities, broken links, repetitive postings, endless ads, or just out-right scams... yes, there's a lot of junk out there. And it's often burying the actual good job opportunities.

We strive to change that. We can help match you to the perfect company that fits your needs as well as your current skills and abilities.